Smart Cities 23-24 october 2012 // Amsterdam

Europe: Taking A Leadership Role in Smart City Development. With its stringent carbon reduction targets and commitment to increased use of renewable energy, Europe has long been in the vanguard of the movement towards greener, more resource-efficient cities. And it needs to be: today, four out of five Europeans live in metropolitan areas.

In an increasingly urbanised world, creating intelligent cities is essential.

As such, the EU Commission has made developing low-carbon transport solutions, cutting-edge water/waste networks and renewable energy sources a priority as the continent looks to make its cities more pleasant places to live and more competitive places to invest.

With two days of jam-packed content, SMART CITIES 2012 will discuss the most pressing issues currently facing Europe’s cities – improving land-use, easing congestion, maximising resource efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of our urban spaces.

Bringing together city officials, policy-makers, utilities, transport operators, developers, investors, contractors and solution providers, SMART CITIES 2012 will show you how to utilise cutting-edge technologies, integrated urban planning approaches and sustainable methodologies to transform urban spaces into better places to live.

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