Vancouver Cities Summit

Less than one week from today, Vancouver will host the inaugural global Cities Summit, connecting urban leaders with innovative businesses, both locally and internationally, to focus on investment opportunities in how we can build better cities in the 21st  century.

From February 1-2nd, the City and the Vancouver Economic Commission will welcome an audience of over 400 participants, including senior executives from Google, Cisco and IBM joining participants from over 30 cities, includingLondon,Vienna,Copenhagen, andSingapore. Business matching, networking for local businesses with new international partners, and further establishing Vancouver’s brand as a business destination for building smarter, greener cities will be among the goals of the Summit.

“The Cities Summit is an opportunity for us to connect urban leaders with businesses from around the world to leverage the opportunities that exist in building better cities,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “Vancouver has proven itself to be a leader in emerging sectors like clean energy, transportation and green building technology, and we want to showcase our local businesses while at the same time learning the best practices that are taking place around the world.  “The Cities Summit is bringing business, political and thought leaders together to catalyze investment, job creation and great urban ideas.”

The Cities Summit has assembled a wide range of speakers from both the public and private sectors, including Gerry Mooney, GM of Global Smarter Cities at IBM; Milo Medin, VP of Access Services for Google;  Ingrid Goetzl, Chair of the Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum; Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of the City of Calgary, and Gordon Feller, Director of Urban Innovations at Cisco. As well, internationally renowned author Douglas Coupland will be delivering a keynote speech on the future of cities. In total, there are currently 31 cities represented at the Cities Summit, with dozens of CEOs and executives among those represented.

“Our speakers are global leaders who will share their thoughts and best practices on how cities can address the pressures they face in the global tug-of-war for resources, markets and environmental restraint,” said Lee Malleau, CEO of the Vancouver Economic Commission. “The real discussion is about finding ways that cities can become better partners with business and vice-versa, and how better partnerships can transform our urban ecosystems into living laboratories of supportive innovation.”

The Cities Summit sponsors include IBM, Shaw, EDF,Veolia,BCHydro, Car2Go, Corix Utilities. This summit has been organised in partnership with CityAge.

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