Eurocities #Nantes 2012

In these challenging times, the European city model needs a new vision. We need to improve our political processes and find new ways to meet our citizens’ needs. Our capacity to innovate will be crucial if we are to continue to improve social cohesion, economic development and a sustainable environment.

Our new city politics will be developed through inspiration and innovation, and, most of all, through the involvement of citizens.

From 7 to 10 November 2012, this year’s conference will give us the opportunity to exchange ideas on concrete new ways of promoting citizen involvement, with a specific focus on young people, who represent a powerful creative force for the future of our cities.

The conference will open with a plenary session hosted by two high-level academic researchers. These academics will inspire the conference with two different and complementary keynote presentations. One will focus on local democracy and citizen involvement, while the other will highlight the challenges relating to the participation of young people.

The Mayors’ debate will then provide the opportunity for mayors to share with other delegates the innovative approaches they have used in their cities to build public policies through citizen involvement.

A private, invitees-only, political session  for EUROCITIES mayors will allow for a frank exchange of views between EUROCITIES politicians about some of the key challenges faced by most mayors and city administrations.

Political renewal will be further explored through workshops, focusing on different public policies, including culture and innovation, sustainable development and youth inclusion.



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